The 3 Most Popular Messenger Bot Strategy Videos
Now that we're in Q4, are you taking full advantage of shopping season to boost sales for your business? 

It doesn't matter what market you're in. If you're not on track to meet your goals for 2018, now is the time to make some major changes! 

Watch the videos below to learn more about these Facebook and Messenger strategies, and schedule a call with us so we can help you reach your goals this year!
VIDEO #1: How To Turn An Informative Blog Post Into An Engaging Chatbot Message Flow
In this video, we show you how to turn a listicle-style blog post into a much more engaging multi-message chatbot flow using ManyChat. We call it a "Blogbot." 

The reason for doing this is to get your audience to interact with the blog so they really consume the content you're sharing with them. 

The blogbot even gives users the ability to continue learning more about a specific topic within the blog or to move on to the next topic. It's highly recommended to include a call to action at the end and set up a Smart Delay to follow up later on!
VIDEO #2: How To Use Facebook Ads, ClickFunnels, & ManyChat To Get Leads
In this video, we explain how you can use these platforms as a sales funnel. 

Starting with Facebook ads to reach your audience, you can then leverage landing pages and ManyChat to introduce your brand to your audience and warm up that cold traffic by delivering super valuable content with multiple ways to opt in.

With these strategies, you'll be left with some amazing assets including Messenger and email subscribers, and getting customers at a low, low cost. 
VIDEO #3: Messenger Bot vs Email Marketing Case Study: Evergreen Webinar
We always talk about the importance of having multiple funnels and ways for leads to opt in. 

In this video, we show you how we used both Messenger and Email for growing our client's webinar registrants and how they stack up against each other using the exact same sequence messages and timing.

When you see the results of this split test, you'll have a better understanding of how different the open and click rates are for Messenger versus Email marketing. 
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A little about us… Evolve Media is a digital marketing agency owned by Ian Smith. Ian and his team create and distribute video content and written content in the form of sales funnels, landing pages, Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger bots, and email marketing. 

The team is made up of experts who know exactly what it takes to build trust, credibility, and familiarity with audiences online, and our expertise lies in developing content funnels that get results and turn cold online traffic into qualified leads and loyal customers. 

Evolve Media has spent millions over the past few years with Facebook Ads and has also generated millions in revenue—not only for our clients but for our equity owned ventures too..

Below are a couple of videos that go into detail about our content marketing strategies, our production process, examples of our video work, and content funnels that we've built, so please feel free to browse through them to get an idea of our quality and design.
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