ManyChat Case Studies: How We Increased Open Rates From 25% to 98% For Our Clients
Messenger marketing is said to be 10X more effective than email marketing. So we put it to the test using ManyChat, a bot builder for Facebook Messenger that so many online marketers are raving about. 

In this article, we’ll share two of our own clients’ case studies and how we were able to increase open rates from 25% to 98% using ManyChat to engage with their audience! 
We’ll cover the different ways we used ManyChat to reach their objectives and the results we saw after just 10 days since launching their campaigns. 
Although we used ManyChat and messenger marketing to reach different goals for each of these client cases, there are a lot of similarities in how we built out these ManyChat flows. 

For instance, to jumpstart the conversations with our audiences in both campaigns, we used Facebook ads and the ManyChat growth tool called ‘Facebook Ads JSON’ which is a PRO feature. This allowed us to convert users who clicked on the ad and engaged with our message into Messenger subscribers. 

Keep reading to learn what else we did! 
Case Study #1: ManyChat vs. Email for Webinar Registrations
In this example, our goal was to help our client collect opt ins for her upcoming webinar teaching viewers about diet and nutrition. 

In the past, we used Facebook ads and landing pages to gather email addresses, then used Email as a tool to follow up with reminders and share content relating to the upcoming webinar. 

Because we had the data from our previous email campaign and webinar, we were able to compare those results to the ManyChat messenger campaign and next webinar. 
Using email only in the first case study to get webinar registrations, we were only able to gather the user’s name and email address. However, by using ManyChat, we acquired their name, email address, and added them as a Facebook Messenger subscriber! 

ManyChat’s capabilities also allowed us to have a 1-on-1 experience with our audience and keep them engaged by asking for permission to keep sharing information back and forth. It made the subscriber lean in and pay more attention to what we were sharing with them. 

ManyChat also gave us the opportunity to give the user free value adds that pertained to the questions we asked and the content we shared, which in this case was six weeks of free meal plans.
It was that free offer and personalized messenger experience that persuaded them to keep giving us more information and to ultimately opt in to the webinar. 

We then used Zapier, a web app integration tool, to automatically take the information we collected from ManyChat and send it to ConvertKit, our email software. We added each registered user to our email sequence, which allowed us to repeatedly follow up with them leading up to the webinar - and we did the same thing after the webinar. 

It was a no-brainer to use ManyChat to continue the conversation in Facebook Messenger. This allowed us to share the replay of the webinar with our subscribers in the same message chain we started and ask them to book a 1-on-1 phone call with our client who is a Registered Dietician. It was on that phone call that our client would pitch her high-ticket nutrition packages.
The ManyChat campaign results spoke for themselves. When we took a deep dive into our new ManyChat campaign, our cost per lead (CPL) was only $2.90. Our open rates using ManyChat were at an astounding 98%, and the click through rate (CTR) was also impressive at 95%. 

On the other hand, when we used only landing pages and email marketing to get registration signups for our client’s previous webinar, our CPL was between $5 and $6—that’s nearly twice as expensive than the CPL we got using ManyChat! Email open rates were only about 25%, and email CTR were at an average of 7% which is much lower than ManyChat’s 95% open rate and 75% CTR. 
Case Study #2: ManyChat vs. Facebook Lead Forms for Leads & Information 
For our next case study, we tested the power of ManyChat against our previous campaign which used Facebook Lead Ads to acquire lead form opt ins. We thought we should try out ManyChat and Messenger as opposed to giving users a long, overwhelming form to fill out. 

You may have read our previous blog about ManyChat and read that the Facebook Messenger bot builder gives you the ability to ask a series of questions one at a time that’s more conversational and is more about the person on the other end. That person is more likely to answer more of your questions when they’re not confronted with so many at once. 

To learn more about these ManyChat & Facebook Messenger strategies, click here to schedule a call with us so we can discuss how you can use these platforms to reach your business goals!
While Facebook Lead Ads enabled us to retrieve the lead’s name, email address and phone number, ManyChat gave us the ability to acquire the lead as a Facebook Messenger subscriber too. We also used Zapier to “zap” the Facebook Messenger responses to Google Sheets so that any time a lead opted in, a new row in our Google sheet would instantly be created with the lead’s contact information. 

We also set up an automated notification email to go directly to our client any time someone opted in so a member of their team could follow up with the lead as quickly as possible. 
When we took a look at the analytics, our CPL using ManyChat was only $4 compared to the Facebook Lead Forms campaign which resulted in a $10 CPL. 

And so we nailed it again for another client by using ManyChat and Facebook Messenger! This campaign performed far better than our previous Facebook Lead Forms campaign and offered us more data and a convenient place to store it. 

We know it seems like it’s becoming harder and harder every day to reach your audience. With all the noise on the various social media platforms and in email inboxes, your content probably isn’t being seen.

But we feel strongly after testing these and various other ManyChat messenger campaigns that we’ve found the most efficient, interactive way to communicate with your audience 1-on-1. Your campaigns can be tested and refined, and the interaction is instant. ManyChat’s Facebook Messenger bot truly does provide a private channel of communication with each user, and no message is ever lost. 
Want to learn more about ManyChat and Messenger Marketing? 
To learn more about these ManyChat & Facebook Messenger strategies, click here to schedule a call with us so we can discuss how you can use these platforms to reach your business goals!
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